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Why we do what we do:)

   While the farm is the optimal way to burn extra energy, we focus on connecting our farm and others - to those folks that have interest in where and how their food is procured:) If you can find a weakness in this new, yet old-fashioned food system, feel free to enlighten me. It might be my idea of anticipating folks will smile when they gain access to real, health-giving food from a farm they can visit! There you have it. My weakest link, imo.  

How'd you do that?

  We don't do sales, cuz we don't. SELL .anything. Turns out, the commercial food regulators have their own def for the words "sale, sell, etc - that means - all ways - commercial transfer of goods! When you pick up bread and give it to your elderly Mother, is that a commercial transaction, really? Even if in trade for a hug or a Lincoln $5 spot? Commerce or private?

  What we do is offer access to a privately managed food system, where you own your food on the farm, as a club:) I founded a private food club, aptly named Freedom Farms Coop, after the largest marketing entity in the state - MN dept of ag - attempted to steal our right of access to the foods of our choice. This club has taken our foodie community thru the commercialized court system and back to earth, having a jury that understood the difference between retail commercial trade and a private relationship with farm and farmer. 

  So, we are hundreds of families with the incentive to maintain our own health, along with those that support the same objective. While mostly volunteer effort gets this done with very little (if any) waste, we collectively source most any healthy food that is requested by our membership. Hence, we have our connection mode: that does exactly that - if you put forth some effort. You simply input your food preferences and profile the quality that you require, and the search is on to find a match:) Ready. GO!

For real testimonials

 I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of products and services.  I've ordered from other farms,  and by far this is the best place!  Not only was every single item  delivered, but the quality of the milk, cheese, chicken, etc, was  fantastic.  Prices were great.  If you are trying to provide real food  for your family, I highly recommend this farm.  They are very organized  and friendly too.  Blown away! (April '18)

Big news?

  Recent activity by (food health?) regulators remind me that we need to be vigilant in our collective response to commercial agencies and their attempts to bring us down to their level of mediocrity. A farm woman from northern MN was "asked" for inspection access. The commercial rules would have us all upgrade our kitchens to their overwhelming and idiotic measures to keep us from hurting ourselves:) I took a pic of what keeps reminding me of what happens when they try to commercialize access to food: See pic (upper left) of our farm doormat - advising of the extent of our knowledge of property rights, courtesy of Weston A Price foundation and FTCLDF - 2012

We have plans to add to our growing community as we promote the unique offerings from special sources in our region. Fruitful Seasons Dairy, near Alexandria, is considering the idea of a dropsite option for locals interested in expanding their access to variety beyond their awesome raw cheeses:) Adding to our club, a site near Kerkhoven - this site would allow for yet another subset of folks to enjoy the collection of FFC values. A site in Watertown, a reset of our Hopkins site - now near to Minnetonka, recently added BC n Shakopee. Pls contact me if this gets your attention:) Our connection to Azure is improved as I've volunteered to host the Sauk Centre Truckstop site and support special delivery to our members.. Better food options are out there and farmers need support, to transition to environmentally sound practices..

That'd be all for now. Happy n Healthy 2019 and beyond! 

Be well, all ways:) Alvin in MN  

Menu / Price List

We've replaced conventional stuff with sea salt, and organic cane!

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About Us


  Schlangen Family farm
since 1986.

We have transitioned from a commodity
production model of the 90's
to a human food resource

of today:)

Organic practices since 2000.
The difference is challenging
yet refreshing, purposeful!

Founded Freedom Farms Coop

in July, 2010 - to secure privacy of food access 

for MN families and stay out of court:)

Be well, all ways:)
Alvin & Alice



We do pork 

like you wouldn't believe was possible:)

We eliminate the influence of monsanto/ now bayer. 

NO soy, corn or derivatives of such. 

We grow greens indoors in winter to supply live energy year-round:) Same holds true for our eggs! 



Precision grading (sizing of eggs by weight), selected breeds for instinctive connection to fertile soil and vegetation:) The only way to obtain truly nutrient dense food:) Find our food options at

Freedom Farms Coop

in a rush: Leave message 

or txt 320-250-6462


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Better yet, see us in person!

We love our member families, we did three planned tours in 2018, included leased-to-club ruminants (100% grass-fed) dairy n beef!


33236 Oakland Rd, Freeport, MN 56331, US

(320) 250-6462


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12:00 am – 4:00 pm